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May/17/2008 1:01AM
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Please see the March 14th issue re: Sloth Tax. By rough calculation, our oil bill is now up $160 billion dollars over the past eight months. This is right our of your pocket and into the pockets of countries and companies that have hydrocarbons that we covet. In addition, we will have spent $2 trillion dollars in Iraq by the end of the year. This country is the greatest in the world and also the wealthiest. But, our personal and national assets are not unlimited. The war is financed from your tax dollars. The increase in crude prices over the last eight months is what I call a sloth tax.

This is the price you pay for the inactivity of your elected officials. Inactivity and untruths. They want higher prices since most believe we need to conserve to improve the environment. So, by doing nothing they get what they want and blame everyone but themselves. Make no mistake your energy bills could be lower if we had continued to build nuclear plants we could run more cars on electricity. If we had drilled in Alaska and offshore we could offset new demand from China and India and keep prices lower. If we had a pipeline from Alaska bringing natural gas to the lower forty eight states, we could run cars on CNG. 

Basically, you are being told you will use less energy since you won’t be able to afford not to. This should have been a decision you bought into not one that’s shoved down your throat. And, the people who shoved it down our throats should not be  absolved of that.

Bill Clinton did this. George Bush did this. Obama will do more of it and so will McCain. The entire house and senate did this. Al Gore did this. You did this. You want to be green, so shut up and be green. Pay the sloth tax. If you don’t like the sloth tax, speak up and say not this green. If you don’t like this, wait until you get the bill for what’s on the boards and can’t be changed. More international demand, higher crude prices, less domestic production, and little if any impact of our lower demand. The King of the sloths spoke with his forked tongue today. The dishonorable senator from my home state of Illinois, Dick Durban( I know it’s Durbin, but Durban has a ring to it) hasn’t said or done anything stupid for a while, so he felt the need to fix that. Always nice to see a sloth can move. Dick’s sound bite for the day,big oil is gouging from the crude price to the pump. Need a sound bite Dick? No need to check facts, just blurt out something that accuses Big Oil of anything and it will work. Refining margins are down significantly this year over last Dick, but who cares? This pinpoints why politicians like Durban have to go.(ban Durbin) They dispense misinformation to avoid accountability.


The next additions to the sloth tax won’t be from planned inactivity, they will be done to you. The windfall profits tax will add up to $100 billion a year on this tab that will be at least $300 billion for the year. The cap and trade on carbon will add another $100 billion.

Which sloth are you going to vote for in November. 

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