The Oil Depression

May/29/2008 2:09AM
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Oil isn’t the only reason we need to be concerned about the future of this country. We need $70 billion in investment each day to service our debts. China, Saudi Arabia, and our other friends are all too happy to buy a piece of the rock. But, they are doing that because we have been the safest place to put their money. Most of us aren’t real sure about that anymore. Many Americans are hedging their investments with International stocks and more do it every day.  

Our average credit card debt is $10,000, average. We spend 70% of the GDP each year. Our houses are worth 75% of what they were worth just two years ago. Prices are going up. We have a war that will cost $2 trillion by the end of the year. We are giving foreign countries a couple of billion a day for oil. Several industries, not companies, industries, are going broke. 

We have a leadership void and no candidate is going to fill it. 

So, how do we live? In a depression you can buy a lot for a little, but what you have now won’t be worth much. Most of us will see our assets depreciate by half or more.  If you don’t have much, you won’t have anything. Jobs will be hard to find and won’t pay much. Too many people chasing too few jobs. You will dig up your yard, if you still have one, and plant vegetables. If you still have a house, you will rent out part of it. If you still have a car you won’t drive it much. You won’t leave any lights on, I guarantee you. Obesity won’t be a problem. Food will be expensive and it won’t travel far to get to you. We will have to relearns the skills our parents and grandparents learned. How to grow things, how to fix things, how to make things, how to work hard, and how to take care of ourselves and our meager possessions.

Ever know a very rich person who lost it all? Most are obsessed with what they had and what went wrong. Some can start over and do it again and again, but they are few. Most just sit and dream about what once was. They can’t readjust. That’s why they jumped out of buildings in the last depression. 

I suppose we will all feel that way because we were the richest country in the world. Had it all, but we let it slip away. Bad management, laziness, apathy, and letting a few decide for the many. How will those brave young men and women who have been in Iraq defending the American Dream feel when they come home and find we destroyed it for them? How does any politician go to Iraq and visit our troops? The troops must need to take 10 showers a day for a week to feel clean again. We have our best in Iraq and our worst in Washington. Maybe we should just switch them and it would solve everything. No, that’s not fair to the Iraqi’s.

The next time you see a smug politician on TV patronizing you, talking down to you, lying to you(I’m sorry, the term the lawyers use is obfuscation), ignoring your ideas, growing rich at your expense, and spending time on issues that mean nothing, like getting reelected, keep in mind the clock is ticking and you are not going to like your future here in America. Example, 70% of Americans said they want illegals sent home and the borders secure, so no one running for president has any intention of doing any of that. Who is that 30% they listen to? Statistics show only 3% of Americans are militant environmentalists, but they control the environmental strategy in this country.

I spend a lot of time on energy for one reason. It’s the final straw. Heaped on all the problems we have, it will bring the house down. California, I’m sorry all my friends out there, will lead the way. They have led the way with bad ideas and have more problems to start with, so it will hit there first and hardest. The leadership in California is suing the EPA because they want the cap and trade now. They want their constituents to pay another 50 cents for gasoline and double utility bills now. They will get it, if not now, in January for sure. On top of the $30 billion dollar deficit in the state budget and the number of illegals and all the other problems they have this should just about do it. New trends have started in California for years and the oncoming depression will be no exception. Could be as early as next year. Watch carefully, it’s coming to your house soon. 

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