McCain Drives a Stake in the Heart of the Republican Party

May/15/2008 12:35PM
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Bush cut the wrists of the Republican Party and was letting it bleed out slowly. McCain, ever the brave warrior did the humane thing and gave it a mercy killing. 

Bush behaved like an orator- challenged Democrat for 7 years with one exception. He knew how to go finish what Dad didn’t do with Iraq. Now, he could finally sit at the adult table at family reunions. Unfortunately, there will never be anyone named Bush elected to any public office in this country again, but showing Dad up is important for Yale graduates. Bush squandered a Republican controlled legislature and got nothing done. He spent like a Democrat and spoke like someone in a remedial speech class. He got worse, not better, and now the world concedes there is no point in sending him back to remedial speech again. His legacy is a Republican Party on life support. 

John McCain gallops in on a white horse. War hero, straight shooter, right out of the Old West. He can save the day. Took one look at the patient and says" this is a lost cause". Pulls out the stake and drives it right through the heart. Kills the party before the real campaign begins. If we thought Bush was intellectually challenged, what is McCain? Warned over and over again in the primaries by the conservatives that he needed to move away from the left, he ignores the advice and moves further left. While three firm Republican seats go down in flames, McCain adds fuel to the fire. McCain had a chance to differentiate the Republican Party as the party of energy. Instead he gives up the one of two possible points of differentiation open to him and leaves only one,  the party of war. If you gave this choice to 100 random testers with marginal intelligence, most would outscore McCain. He finally gave us his position on energy. Guess he loves the polar bear more than my grandchildren. His energy postion is further to the left of Obama and dumber than a box of rocks. 

Sad isn’t it? The GOP was a grand old party for a lot of years. Let’s scatter the ashes and move on. It’s time to show McCain what we think of his betrayal. 

Today McCain jumped out of a phone booth with a cape and advised us what life would be like for us after four years of McCain. He will win the war, kill Osama, create world peace, cure cancer, and make water out of wine. What he won’t do is solve any energy problems in the US  hence, we go from recession into depression. What the hell, my parents lived through one, why not me? His rousing half hour speech got almost no notice by the media. Wow, all those promises and no one cared.   

Get out that old checkbook and write a big one to Barr and the Libertarian Party. They have stolen the Republican party platform and won’t double cross us like Bush and McCain did. Give Barr the money he needs to give McCain a dose of reality and show McCain that we don’t want an election with two Democrats running against each other. We just had that.  And, you Hillary people get out your checkbooks and send Barr some money to show how you really feel about the way the media stuck it to Hillary.

Speaking of the media, the real group that runs this country, we are tuning you out. ABC News with Charles, used to be Charlie, Gibson gave us some much needed energy tips the other night. First, eat less beef. Of course, that’s so we can export more to China so they can eat more, not that we would grow less and cut emissions. Second, and I love this one, shut off all those electronic devices that have those little digital clocks each night, and re-set them when you need them .

I truly believe that we as a country are just short of being certifiable. Polar bear population grows from 10,000 to 25,000, but a computer model says they may be endangered. So, we make them endangered. This is under the Bush administration, mind you. Farmers have never made more money, so we give them even more farm aid. Gasoline will be $5 in another month so we go to Saudi Arabia (Bush) to beg them for more oil when we just announced we will never drill in Alaska for more because the polar bear may or may not be endangered. If you were the Saudis, who would like to give us less oil and more to China, how would you really feel about Bush being there begging for oil?

A once proud party dies and the nation that was the envy of the world goes begging for oil because we are too smug to use our own. I am truly sad to consider supporting Barr and a party that has no chance to be elected but I can’t support a man and a platform that I don’t have one ounce of respect for. It’s no vote, vote for Obama(give me the gas pipe), or vote for Barr. I’ll take the Barr route, it makes me feel like I haven’t sold out my grandchildren.

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