Mad About High Gasoline Prices Yet?

May/20/2008 23:38PM
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If you go back to my original entries in January and February, I predicted everything that has happened in 2008. Another round of congressional hearings are underway with the Big Oil companies. Are you still buying this? If you are, I can’t help you.You will continue to give up your standard of living and that of your kids and grandkids. There is only one group responsible for the gas prices. Our elected officials. It might be interesting to have the Big Oil CEO’s go on offense and ask the prosecution some key questions. Until you stand up and say enough, it will get worse. You will watch our economy go in the tank. With either candidate for president it will just get worse. 

Politicians on both sides of the aisle are totally responsible for high gas prices, not Big Oil, not OPEC, not futures traders, not another soul. Only you can stop it. 

We have more than enough resources in this country to be energy independent and to maintain our lifestyle throughout my grandkids lifetimes. But, your elected officials have stopped every effort. Be it nuclear, be it coal liquefaction, be it drilling in Alaska, be it offshore drilling, be it shale oil, be it new refineries, be it any viable source it’s off limits. Our elected officials have regulated your destiny and you aren’t going to like it. They have, and continue to sell you, the idea that they are totallly blameless. You lap it up like a feral cat. It’s such good theater to see Dick Durbin who has voted against every progressive idea to come his way for far too long take a Big Oil CEO to the woodshed. How do we take Dick to the woodshed? When you and your families are living like feral cats, remember you bought it. 

You can change it, but you need to get off your ass and do something. Any elected official, including McCain, running for public office in November can’t get a vote if they don’t have a solid energy policy that includes doing all of the above. We need to stop giving money to government, foreign countries, farmers, deadbeat mortgage defaulters, illegal aliens,NASA,  and to the war in Iraq and put it all into energy independence. And, not for the pipedreams of elected officials ,but to fast track the things we know will work and work now. 

We can keep the American Dream alive, but not without generating unlimited sources of inexpensive energy that is available to us in our own country. We need focus. We need elected officials who don’t lie to us. We need to do all we can do in an environmentally sound way. When Obama tells us to: " stop driving your SUV’s, stop eating  too much, stop setting your thermostats at 72 degrees because other countries don’t like it, we need to tell Obama we don’t care if we are the envy of the world. We have been that way for a long time and we want to be that way forever. Senator Obama, if that’s your big plan for change, no thanks.   Is it sundown for America? No, it’s the price we are expected to pay for bad government. 

Taxation without representation, remember reading about that in history class? That’s why we have America. Some good people got really mad and told the King to shove it. Well, I hope we are capable of anger and action today and can tell our little kings to shove it. 

This country is not running out of gas we have been stopped from making it by bad government. Stand up like our forefathers did and tell your elected officials "enough". They don’t represent us at all. They represent themselves. They are going to put us out of business and make your life a nightmare and you don’t care. 

Man up. Get on the phone. Tell every candidate you’ve had enough. Don’t lap it up when fools go on TV and sell you blatant lies. Call them on it.

I told you in February you would have $4 gasoline in May, it was simple math. I’m telling you it’s going to be $5 in July. If crude goes up another $10-20 it will be $6 before the end of the year. Food will go right up with it.

What’s it take for you to do something about it? 

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Comments (3)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I have blasted out another round of letters today to the Candidates and Congress, but they are too busy yesterday and today accusing the Oil Companies on their profits, rather than encouraging them to drill and reduce our dependance on foriegn oil.

    Sooner or later they will get the point when they are voted out of office.

  2. Bob Fidler Sr. says:

    Good for you guys, Bob MacIassc and i are doing the same in LIBERAL LAND,Californa. Letters,phone calls. Lets get more fighters involved, tell your friends,your relatives,co-workers,get on talk shows and give them Bill’s blog site. Please keep it coming.

  3. Bill Robertson says:

    Thanks Bob and Ken:

    I’ll keep it coming. I intend to step it up.


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