I Want to Be Green, But………..

May/19/2008 18:05PM
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My wife and I bought the new compact fluorescent bulbs to replace our incandescent bulbs just like the government, utilities, environmentalists, and retailers suggested we do. Sales of these bulbs last year were $380 million dollars. I wrote some time ago about the Chicago Tribune, Mayor Daley, and Senator Durbin stopping the big BP upgrade of the Whiting Indiana refinery over the additional  two pounds of mercury a year it would possibly put into Lake Michigan. I wonder if these same institutions would be using that to grab headlines today with gas prices the highest in Chicago vs. anywhere but Hawaii in the U.S. Why would we want secure crude oil form Canadian Tar Sands in the main refinery supplying most of Chicago’s gasoline? We would rather have our ugly faces on TV for two days, congressional hearings, and stop the project. Then blame big oil if we have high prices.   

Following the same track I went to the web page where you find the places to recycle these environmental disasters. It’s www.epa.gov/epaoswer/hazwaste/id/univwast/lamps/live.htm. Go look for yourself. Did you find any evidence that Mayor Daley or Dick(dumbass) Durbin went out of their way to make it easy to keep this mercury out of the air in Illinois or Chicago. No headlines here, why bother? 

You know, and I know, that the good citizens of Chicago are not going to put these toxic bombs in a closet somewhere and go find them the two days a year Chicago takes them in. Then, drive across town on that blessed day and make sure they go where they won’t be broken. Folks, these bulbs are going right in the trash. They will get smashed in the truck and spew mercury into the air right in your neighborhood. 

I predict these will be the ethanol of the future. Ultimately, some lawyer will sue the manufacturers in a class action suit saying thousands of people died because of mercury that the EPA sponsored bulbs put into the atmosphere. Another bad idea brought to you by your government and the people who are so very concerned about our air. Al Gore just loves these. He and Tipper reduced their carbon footprint by using these. Got paid for the endorsement too. That helps to buy a bigger private jet to travel around and sell drivel to dopes. Remember, if one breaks in your house before you get it to the trash can evacuate all the pregnant women and the children(in the Texas compound that’s one and the same), put on a mask, and sweep up very carefully. Leave the house for 15 minutes. And, if you don’t want to use the rest in your house after all that put them in a box and drop it any mailbox postage collect to Al Gore. 

Are you still sure you want these in your house? I’m not.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I fell for that line of crap as well and went out and bought some of those new Environmental bulbs and they suck. Not only are they more expensive, the light they give off is much worse than the incandescent bulbs. Thank God I did not decide to replace all of my bulbs.

    Seeing that you can only dispose of these bulbs 2 times per year, it just goes to show how concerned the environmentalist wacko’s really are with saving the planet. I also find it funny that the Chicago location for disposing these bulbs is located right on the Chicago River on Goose Island. I wonder how many of those bulbs of mercury end up in the river and travel down stream to the Gulf Coast?

    What a joke and what a bunch of SAPS we are for believing this entire load of BS ….

    Save the Planet My Ass….

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Now you don’t believe those guys at the recycling center who are on the dole as someone’s cousin would just pitch the bulbs over the wall rather than load them in a truck? In Chicago where all the building inspectors are under indictment.


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