Endangered Species

May/29/2008 3:00AM
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The polar bear population has more than doubled in the last twenty years. The government announced the polar bear is endangered.  A computer simulation model determined that.

I don’t have a computer simulation model to determine the fate of polar bears or caribou or other animals. I guess the government doesn’t have a computer simulation model to determine the industries and companies they are endangering. I don’t either, but I will be as accurate as the government is about polar bears. 

Here are a few that are definitely endangered through government actions or inactions. The airline industry. All but Southwest may be gone. Ford. Sears. Citicorp, National City Bank, Chrysler, the trucking industry, all retail chains, all travel businesses, all boat manufacturers, all RV makers and dealers, all resorts, all golf courses, fast food outlets, expensive restaurants,real estate franchises, Wall Street, and too many small businesses to name.

What’s at stake? Probably 10,000,000 jobs. But, the polar bear will survive. Or, will they? If it gets bad enough poaching will be rampant. Anything that puts food on the table is fair game. Certainly that includes the caribou and maybe even the polar bear. Gasoline is pushing $5 already in Alaska. Jobs are playing out as the oil industry goes in the tank.

With that many people out of work, will politicians who did this finally make the endangered list? I would hope a few would make the count in the 10,000,000 unemployed since most are unemployable in any other job. Carnival worker maybe.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Glad to see you’re taking a much needed vacation and playing some golf with the Boy’s in Michigan.

  2. gary wolf says:


    Keep up the good work. I’m spreading the news in Phoenix. Save the Grandchildren!

    Gary Wolf

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