Bob Barr for President

May/13/2008 0:09AM
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Like it or not, the Republican Party has picked a Democrat to run against Obama in November. John McCain, a war hero, is a Democrat. He has the same platform as Obama with two exceptions. First, he wants to stay in Iraq for another 100 years whereas Obama will pull us out the day after inauguration day. This difference may not work in McCain’s favor since 70% of American wants out of Iraq. The second is taxes. McCain says he will cut taxes. He does not say how. He has double crossed us before, so why trust him on this? If Senator McCain wants to be a republican he should act like one. He scoffs at the law regarding illegal aliens. He’s a avowed environmentalist. Probably has Al Gore’s picture in his wallet. He would like to have Joe Lieberman as his running mate. He’s older than dirt. What is appealing about John McCain as a president. Is it because he will invade Iran? If he does, will taxes go down?

If you want to look at an interesting option Google Bob Barr or the libertarian party. See if you can find fault with Bob’s platform.   Bob wants smaller government, less regulation, no carbon cap, domestic energy production in all possible ways, lower taxes–this will be through smaller government, our of Iraq in a studied fashion, no national health care, enforcement of our laws on illegal aliens, no gun reform, no gay marriages, lower corporate taxes, free trade, and everything we should expect the leader of the Republican Party to support. He wants to take money from Iraq and spend it on our needs in America. Rebuilding our worn out infrastructure.  In the past the libertarian party used to favor radical ideas like legalization of drugs and prostitution. No more. If John McCain is the best my party can give me, I am moving to a party that gives me a solid alternative. It seems radical to be supporting a libertarian, but maybe it’s time to take a more radical position since it does offer a choice and I refuse to accept the platform McCain is proposing. If we all support Barr and give him a war chest to put his platform to the public it will send a message to the republican party. They don’t respond to mail or other options. Money talks and mine will go to Barr.

Those of you who want change and like Barr’s ideas need to think about this. You won’t get change from McCain and the change you get, if any, from Obama you may not like. Obama’s record shows he is more liberal than Ted Kennedy.  Just look at what Barr wants or doesn’t want and Obama is on the opposite side of each and every one. Bigger government, higher taxes, no domestic energy efforts—he will tax the oil companies and use that and more money for green energy(government workers who will produce nothing), national health care, no laws against illegal aliens, no free trade, gun reform, and a bigger Nanny State to look after you better than you can do for yourself. 

Supporting Bob Barr will make me feel like I am really doing something to wake this country up and make a better life down the road for my grandkids. Think about it.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I am troubled with what to do here, but agree the Republican Party needs a wake up call. I was originally against Bob Barr’s decision to move to the Libertarian Party because it would certainly take away votes from McCain and most likely guarantee Obama the Presidency.

    Let’s face the facts, Barr will be the spoiler and will not win the election, but if there are enough votes that can be mustered, voting Libertarian would certainly send a wake up call to the Republican Party that has lost their way.

    I believe the Conservatives of the Party are already aware we have a problem, but the question is, what are they going to do about it? Unfortunately, our Party is going in the wrong direction and has the wrong candidate who is just pandering to the Liberals.

    Although the current Libertarian Party talks more like the Conservative Party Values of old, but can they get enough support to make a difference? We still have a 2 party system and until we have a 3rd Party with a sizable number of candidates that are seated in Congress, we are going to remain the 3rd Party with very little power to effect change.

    One thing is certain, Change is required and if switching to the Libertarian Party will get us moving in the right direction, it maybe what is needed to move us forward. It’s a risky tactic to employ and will most certainly mean the Democrats will be the ruling party for some time to come.

    Are you (we) willing to risk having the Democrats running the Country for the foreseeable future, because we will certainly destroy the Republican Party in the short term.

    This is a big decision to make, but tough decisions are not easy nor are they popular in times of need. You have obviously made a choice and I will give it serious consideration.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Barr will also take democratic voters who don’t like Obama. It gets down to platform to me. I will never again vote for anyone who doesn’t have a sound platform on energy, the size of government, our freedom and liberties, and taxes. May never vote republican again.

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