Bitter Disappointments

May/14/2008 14:53PM
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In the next five years we will learn:

1. Your car won’t run on water

2. Ethanol wasn’t a good idea Nor was any other alternative fuel idea out of Washington

3. Taxing Big Oil did not produce anything but more government. U.S.based Big Oil all moved out and took the jobs and technology with them. Plus, they sold oil they used to import to the U.S. to other countries, and exported some oil they produced in the U.S. elsewhere to avoid the taxes. 

4. Global warming was a hoax just like silicone implants and asbestos. Plus, jawboning with other countries to comply just upset U.S. relations with China, India, and Brazil who always felt it was a hoax.    

5. Becoming more dependent on foreign oil was a bad idea Now, we can’t get enough since China and India locked up long term deals with many countries taking that oil off the market.

6.Demanding that 4% of the population to be given 25% of the world’s crude oil at low prices forever isn’t working

7. The Chinese are living like we used to live and we are living like the Chinese used to live

8. Not doing anything to help our energy situation was a very bad idea The carbon cap and trade program added 50 cents a gallon to gasoline and doubled utility bills. It was basically an environmental tax that produced nothing.

9. Staying in Iraq did nothing but deplete our precious assets, "blood and treasure" to use the new political buzzwords

10. Going overboard on environmental issues was a very bad idea

11. Catching up from doing nothing is almost impossible

12. No one told us it would be this painful to do nothing or we would have done something

13. Green jobs did not produce enough energy to offset what doing nothing did and what it did produce is too costly

14. Dreamers who dream the impossible dream should not be leaders

15. Political leaders with no common sense and a personal agenda can destroy the American way of life

16. Having no blue collar jobs from doing nothing was a bad idea

17. I want to go back to being a soccer mom, no one told me it would be this hard to make this commitment to saving the world

18. Putting money into bridges, highways, sewer systems, rail travel,  electrical grids, power generation, domestic energy options, etc would have been better than putting it all into foreign aid, Iraq, green jobs, entitlements, propping up banks, national health care that is a disaster, and other waste. Now it’s gone and we need it. Plus, all the good doctors left with it.

19. Oil creates food and chemicals. Wind and solar don’t No one told us we would have to pay so much for food and give up the gains we got through chemical advances over 100 years

20. How could I be so dumb to buy all that crap five years ago?

21. John McCain for president was a very bad idea.

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