Who Farted?

April/02/2008 0:14AM
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They have stopped all forms of energy production in the USA. They have stopped any new heavy industry in the USA. How do you feel about your quarter pounder? Not so fast. You know prices are going up since corn will soon be $6 a bushel and cows eat corn. We will still support the farmer with our tax dollars, but now the farmer had better watch out. You are up against a bigger, tougher special interest lobby than yours and they are out to get you. 

You know the CO2 cap is coming. Unless we all develop a plan and a backbone, it’s coming. Your uncle Charlie and the boys in the Frat house have nothing on a cow. The average cow belches and farts 25 to 130 gallons of methane a day. Methane has 21 times the warming potential of CO2. The UN says livestock are responsible for 18% of the greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

After you give up your car, your furnace, your electricity and your job, why not become a vegetarian? What difference will it make? We could start in Washington. Seems like the tons of manure that emanate from there daily would be the best place to begin to clean up the air.  You will not see the politicians take on the beef industry. Nor will they likely tell you what to eat. Since we are 3rd in the world in annual beef consumption and first in obesity maybe they should.

So livestock farting and belching contributes more damage to global warming than the entire transportation sector worldwide. Where’s the stink? I’m guessing not one person who read this knew this. You are getting the mushroom treatment from Washington. Keep them in the dark and cover them with manure and they will nurture and grow.

If you accept all this, Buffalo Bill Cody should get Al Gore’s Noble Prize. Bill and his friends wiped out millions of bison. They did more for climate change than Al will ever do. 

And, by the way, the Karnack prediction a couple of entries ago is up and running. Hillary and Barack were both on the same page in Pennsylvania campaigning. The rise in gasoline and diesel is big oil and they want hearings again. Remember, these are two self-confessed liars. One sat through 20 years of sermons and never hear one bad word about the US or whites and the other was under sniper fire in Bosnia. They are going to spin you quite a tale about energy. When you’ve had enough, speak up.

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  1. Ken says:

    You are correct about cows, but you should also go to Youtube and look up the videos about cow power and think you’ll find that cows are also being used as an alternative fuel source as well. Many farmers are using their poop to produce electricity so not sure what to think about cows, but I do like their hamburgers. I sent you a few videos to show how it works.

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