What Part of No Don’t You Understand

April/04/2008 20:44PM
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Today’s Wall Street Journal has an editorial titled the "No, Nothing" Democrats. It addresses the moral stigma of coal. Kansas Governor Kathleeen Sebelius calls the latest ex-communication of coal a "moral obligation" as though she were opposing crimes against humanity. The coal companies were only guilty of trying to provide power to consumers. In doing so they emit carbon dioxide into the environment. Ms. Sebelius stopped the power companies from adding two new generators to one of its existing coal facilities. They met or exceeded every federal and state air-quality and environmental regulation and were using the latest pollution control technologies. One of Ms. Sebelius’ tiny minded minions used "emergency" discretion to stop the expansion stating it was an imminent danger to the public because the greenhouse gases might contribute to climate change. 

Ms. Sebelius believes, as do many zealots, that CO2 is an "air Pollutant" though it has not of the qualities that have always defined the term under federal or state law. There is a new national moratorium on new coal plants being proposed which is backed Democrats Harry Reid, Ed Markey, and, of course, Al Gore. 

Who loses, the good people of Kansas who won’t have a reliable source of low-cost power. They will pay higher electric bills. They will run out of electric power soon. Renewable electric power, which Ms. Sebelius advocates is wind and is now 3% of the state’s power. The average  Kansas power plant is 40 years old.

Ms. Sebelius is a candidate for the Obama cabinet. She represents the party’s "no, nothing wing" which knows what energy it want to ban or limit, but has no alternative to offer. Like an old definition of a consultant, someone who can tell you 99 different ways to enjoy sex, but does know  a soul who might want to try any with you. 

Don’t cry to me Kansas, you put the lady in office. When the lights go out in Topeka and it will take 5 years to turn them back on, you did it to yourselves. Why would the good folks of Kansas have a person like this as their governor? Good Question. Maybe she neglected to tell them she planned to turn the lights out. At least Obama and Gore are up front. They will turn your lights out as fast as they possibly can and find someone else to blame. Probably the same power company that was trying to do the right thing to keep the lights on.

We had better wake up and shake out the cobwebs, this is spreading to the Heartland of America, and no one with any good sense or judgment is saying, hey wait a minute, what are we going to do for energy. Ideas and dreams won’t get it done. 

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