Time to Reboot Washington

April/23/2008 22:08PM
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When your computer locks up and won’t work, you reboot, right? It’s time to reboot Washington. 

In the business world, it’s a given you can’t delegate authority without accountability. In our country we have done just that. If everything is W’s fault, why not have a benevolent dictator and get rid of congress and the supremes. If they have nothing to do with the mess we are in, why have any of them. In the corporate world heads would be falling. There would be no bonuses paid and expenses would be pared to the bone. This is the model that has made this country work, not the political model.

My congressman is the Honorable Peter Roskum. Last fall I sent him and e-mail asking for his position on the BP upgrade at their Whiting Indiana refinery. No response. In February I sent another requesting his position on the current energy challenges. I got a form letter response dated April 9. It basically said nothing. Why do I want Peter Roskum in Washington, because the alternative was worse. We have to do better. We can’t keep picking between lame horses.

In history, most civilizations have lasted no more than 200 years. Apathy sets in. We need a new model for who represents us in Washington at all levels. No more attorneys. Attorneys are beavers who dam up the streams of progress. We need farmers, steel workers, firemen, teachers, and a true cross section of our country.

If we are going to save this country, we need to get rid of the whole kit and caboodle. Every one. We need to start over. Our elected officials go to Washington to get rich, not serve the country. Let’s give them the reboot. l 

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Comments (3)

  1. Rhonda Church says:

    I am 57 and blessed to have 6 awesome grandchildren. When I look at the people who are leading our country today I fear for the future of those grandchildren. This years presidential election is typical of what we have to choose from. I always exercise my right to vote but the choices this year make me wonder what good it will actually do.

  2. bill robertson says:

    Rhonda. Voting won’t do it. We need to get as well organized as the NRA, the Sierra Club, the Corn Growers Association, and the ACLU. These groups get what they want. Grandparents of America let’s organize.

  3. Dick Seehase says:

    Bill, The reboot was started a year ago for me March 1, When I became affiliated with a leadership service provider called TEAM. True leadership is how the reboot needs to occur. By leadership i mean getting back to the foundations this country was founded on. Moral clarity, integrity, honesty and realizing there is a creator (In God We Trust!)."Leadership is the influence of others in a productive, vision driven, direction and is done through the example, conviction and character of the leader" Orrin Woodward, Launching a Leadership Revolution. A revolution needs to occur because we are at war. One major battlefront is the media. We Americans rely to much (lazy) on what feeds our brains. Are we not a product of what we take in? To many, spend to much time absorbing information from the wrong sources, hence the America we have today!!!
    Currently the TEAM members over 250,000 people and grows daily. Come join us and your grandchildren WILL have a chance.

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