Religious Experience

April/09/2008 1:28AM
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Many speculate that Barack Obama is whipping young people into a religious frenzy. Young people supposedly need something to believe and Obama appears to be the answer. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Many misguided near-religious experiences have turned out badly. Nazi Germany for one. Jonestown and the cool aid as another. How about the group in Texas that allows old pedophiles access to young girls. How about Hari Krishna or Moonies? How about Global Warming?

Barack has bought Global Warming completely. Write him about future energy needs and you will get his boilerplate letter response touting our number one need to rectify Global Warming. Barrack has whipped the media into a frenzy. Now we have the great leader with the great cause. How much better can it get. The media, the environmentalists, Hollywood, and the far left have the perfect combination. The charismatic orator who charms so many and the mythical cause that they all worship.

Every thing’s in place, break out the cool aid.

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