One Man’s Trash, Another’s Treasure

April/13/2008 1:13AM
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Uranium waste stored at Paducah, KY and Piketon, Ohio have been a real concern. For years the 60,000 canisters were considered worthless and a potential health problem.

No so, anymore. With worldwide uranium supplies shrinking and demand soaring, prices are up. Up from $7 a pound in 2000 to $73 a pound today. More than likely the government will sell this outside the USA. 

Why is any of this relevant? First, the rest of the world is rushing to build new nuclear power plans, thus driving the demand for uranium. Not us, we are far too smug to get reinvolved in the nuclear power plant business. Our plan is to just hope for some amazing technological breakthrough and not worry. Basically, while the world is planning, we are not.

Next, if we sell this stuff, why would we sell it to China? We are going to need uranium to keep our plants going until that big technological breakthrough occurs. What if it never comes? What if it never comes and we sold our extra uranium. Does it matter. Remember, we are smug. Look smug now.

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