Obama Sees the Light

April/25/2008 16:42PM
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Obama woke up today and found high gas prices. He called a press conference in Indianapolis in front of the gas pumps at a local retail outlet. He’s mad. Americans all over the country have been telling him how hard it is to make ends meet. Something has to be done about gas prices.

He’s the man to do it. He knows the reason for it. First, it’s Bush and Cheney. Cheney was supposed to put together an energy package and the one he put together favors Big Oil. He skipped over the ethanol part that favored big farmers and screwed you and the world on food prices.  Next, it’s the lobbyists. They got all of Washington to do the wrong thing. Obama has never taken a penny from a lobbyist so he will always do the right thing. Finally, of, course it’s Big Oil and the obscene profits. 

Here’s how he will fix it? First, a windfall profits tax on Big Oil. Then, a tax cut for the middle class. Now, that’s real change. From the change man, is this the best he can do? Maybe it’s the first time he’s told us what any of his big change plans are. Let’s dissect those solutions. The tax will be passed back to the consumer. This will offset the tax reduction to the middle class. Didn’t he already promise a tax decrease to  the middle class. How do you do it twice?

Folks, it’s time to tell all the politicians that the old excuses won’t work any more. This fails to address the fact that the world is competing for oil and we get no break. It fails to address that we have increased demand while Europe has been reducing theirs for 30 years. It fails to address the lack of any action to do anything about the supply side in this country. And, it doesn’t mention that no renewable solutions are near at hand despite the $120 a barrel incentive to develop them. Obama is talking to us like we were stupid children. He wants to give us the same old line. It’s not his fault and he will get us cheap gasoline back. If we keep buying this line over and over as we have for 30 years we are truly doomed. 

Today’s news says we are rattling the sabre at Iran. Let’s see, if we invade Iran what will that do to oil prices worldwide? And, where does the fuel come from to fight that war?

The Gov of California was on Leno last night. The state has a $20 billion deficit for this year. His big beef, the EPA won’t let the state go ahead with the carbon cap. This will raise gas prices 50 cents a gallon and utility bills will double. How’s that for a nice gift in this economy? He’s sure got his priorities right.  You California folks might want to send the EPA a thank you note.

Lastly, like Obama, I saw the light too. Got out my new Earth Friendly compact fluorescent light bulbs. Every square inch is devoted to how much I am doing for the world to use these. But, should I break one, I must shut off all air-conditioners or heaters to keep the mercury vapor from getting into my airspace. Pregnant women and small children are to leave the area while someone with a dust mask and gloves cleans up. 

Where do these bulbs go when they burn out? My guess, 90% go in the trash. On the way to the landfill they get broken or if they survive they break in the landfill. So, how much mercury goes into the atmosphere? Is this the coming big pollution problem, the so-called energy solution? It won’t be the first time the EPA created a pollution problem and probably not the last. Those damned lobbyists. Maybe Obama is right. We can blame it all on them.

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Comments (2)

  1. Dick Seehase says:

    Addendum to reboot Washington, When will we wake up and realize that Washington (politics) is all about Washington? Answer; probably never. Why? We are to damn lazy to get involved making changes. Remember, when we start pointing fingers, there are three coming right back at YOU! America needs to "REBOOT" itself and not allow someone else to do it for you. Read some history, it is a great source of encouragement and warnings. Did George Washington (our first president, for those that attend government schools today) stand by and allow England have their way? Who was the first to stand up to Hitler after many countries tried to compromise and negotiate and do nothing so not to upset Hitler? (hint; chubby guy that loves cigars). We first need to realize that any change that has to take place has to occur with ourselves FIRST! once we change, only then can we attempt to change our circumstances and country!

  2. bill robertson says:

    Dick, I agree. I am going to keep pushing myself to take action and not be trapped by apathy. I believe we need to get organized like the NRA and make it very plain what we think we need to fix our problems.

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