Kudos to Washington

April/09/2008 17:18PM
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Finally, finally, I can write about something good. Entry after entry has been negative and dismal. I’m a glass half full guy and this has been depressing and painful. Now, at last, I can give you some good news.

Crossings by migrants is slowing. Our economy is so bad they would rather stay home or pass right through to Canada. We have solved the problem. By screwing up our own economy we have made this country unattractive to migrants. Washington can cancel the fence and all the guards. The solution was so simple they should have though of it long ago. Make us into Mexico. 

Not only are they not coming, but they are going home.

Just when you though our leaders could not solve the big problems: sinking dollar, social security, no energy plan, the police action in Iraq refereeing a civil war, housing crisis, trade deficit, etc. we cross a big one off the list.

Some of the rest can be solved the same way. If things get too bad none of us will own houses, hence no housing problem anymore. If we have no energy, we can’t really have an energy problem, can we?

It’s solution by subtraction. I’m so happy there is a 76% reduction in migrants being caught sneaking across the border. Soon Mexico will build a fence to keep them from coming home. The US will be like a tunnel, access to Canada. Then, Canada will build a fence. Wait a minute, how the hell will we get out when things get too bad here?

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