Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve

April/20/2008 22:45PM
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We could have continued to build nuclear plants. If we had, we would have more than enough power to handle our present and future needs including battery powered cars and electric heat and air conditioning. But we didn’t. Now we don’t have the people, materials, and technology to catch up. Sorry.   

We could have kept building refineries. But we didn’t. We would not now be importing 6 million barrels a day of finished product from nebulous sources. Investors tried in Arizona, which is pipeline dependent. But, after 14 years of trying they gave up. Wonder what that cost?

We could have stopped the ethanol movement which is a false hope, but we didn’t. It’s a net energy loser. Plus, we have driven food prices up worldwide and upset our friends abroad and our poor at home, but we didn’t. We have supported a bad idea to appease the Corn Growers Association which is mostly Archer Daniels Midland. Now, we are going to have to get off that horse. When the horse dies, dismount.

We could have kept drilling in Alaska, but we didn’t. Now the pipeline is almost empty. Too bad California, it couldn’t happen to a better state.

We could have taxed the hell out of gasoline 20 years ago and we would all be driving smaller cars, but we didn’t . It would have forced the issue and made true believers of us all for two decades. We will be driving smaller cars or not driving at all since gasoline will be $10 a gallon soon. Except, we didn’t do any of the above so we don’t have time to recover.

We could have pushed clean coal for power and methane production, but we didn’t. We burned more natural gas that we will need desperately. Plus, Clinton made our biggest coal deposit in Utah a National Park. Plus the carbon cap, which will happen, will cut the use of coal or raise electric rates through the roof. Kiss this one goodbye.

We could have put the pipeline in from Alaska where we have lots of natural gas 15 years ago. But, we didn’t. Now it will take 10 years. We could run our cars and heat our homes on that. Sorry. 

We could put more and more of the Gulf of Mexico up for bids, help our economy, and find some more elephants with lots of secure supply by deep water drilling, but we haven’t . We are worried about steroids in baseball. Sorry.

We could set an example in Nantucket and make Teddy Kennedy put his view where his mouth is, but we won’t. No wind power there. Not that they need it since they don’t have natural gas and are dependent on fuel oil for heating.

We could mandate barter for corn for oil, but we won’t . Not until farmers can’t afford fertilizer and fuel and we won’t have it to barter. 

We could have put all the blue collar workers that our lack of an energy policy put our of work over the past several years back to work doing all of the above, but we won’t. Sorry, guys. All of you who are out of work and those who soon will be. Auto workers, airline mechanics, refinery workers, drillers, miners, pipeline workers, plant workers, truckers, and the like, sorry to you all. You could have raised more hell. Maybe voting for Obama or Hillary will get you a postal job. Maybe not, it might be too expensive to deliver mail.

We could have built an efficient rail system in the US, but we didn’t. All we have is Amtrac, a National embarassemt. Maybe we will start tomorrow. Might not have any diesel or electric power anyway.

So many regrets, so few solutions. No one is accountable, just big oil. The pain won’t be too bad folks. All it will cost is your freedom to travel, your job, your national security, your house, your boat, your cottage or second home, and you will get to live in a condo like the Russians made the Poles live in for 30 years. Your kids and grandkids will forgive you for being so stupid, maybe.  

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Save the Planet, Kill the Poor

    Just in case you have not gone food shopping lately, you’re going to be shocked when you go to the checkout counter. Not only have prices risen dramatically over the past few months, but you may also find it difficult to purchase certain staples like Corn, Rice and Meat, with out paying a small fortune for them. Don’t despair, we’re saving the planet.

    We all have seen the evening news, which show the millions of starving people around the world, but we never thought it could happen here, but we are already seeing it happen and soon we’ll be watching America on the evening news as food becomes more difficult to purchase to feed our families. Don’t despair, we’re saving the planet.

    Over the past three years, world wide food consumption has surpassed global food production and shortages world wide are becoming common place even in countries as prosperous as ours. Don’t despair, we’re saving the planet.

    So who can we give credit to for saving the planet? For starters, let’s give Al Gore another piece prize and his entire whacked out Environmentalist lobby, which are hell bent on producing bio fuels to reduce global warming. Their obsession and misguided science with trying to save the planet by producing bio fuels is actually causing world wide starvation, which is dramatically increasing at an alarming rate.

    Perhaps I am over reacting and being too harsh on the Liberal Left Environmentalist Whacko’s

    The Unintended Benefits of Bio Fuels

    Using global food sources to produce Bio Fuels is driving up food costs, which the poor can no longer afford to purchase to feed their families. Although this may seem sad, but there is a bright side to creating bio fuels, because raising the price of food will also help us to control the world population growth, which can only be good for cleaning up the environment!!

    Think about it, Our Bio Mania is helping to kill off 40,000 starving people each day, those same 40,000 air breathing people will no longer be exhaling all that CO2 into the atmosphere, and those 40,000 will save us over 80,000 GLOBAL CARBON FOOT PRINTS/DAY.

    So you see there is a silver lining in every dark cloud, that is of course, you and your family end up being one of those unfortunate 40,000 starving people.

    Don’t despair, we’re saving the Planet. Right?

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