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April/25/2008 0:22AM
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All Aboard Amtrak Airlines. Remember, once passenger trains were a big business. They went the way of the passenger pigeon. The Federal Government felt we need to save one passenger railroad, hence Amtrak. A big money pit that has sucked up your tax dollars for years. The poster child for how to mistreat customers. Try riding those rails. You will only do it once. A hobo gets treated better. He can even get a cheap drink. His freight leaves on time too.

Our lack of an energy plan is destroying our airline industry. Mergers won’t help, just buy time. To make sure it goes faster your government wants to do the Arthur Anderson number on them. Remember old Arthur, one of the most prestigious accounting firms in the world. Someone shredded some documents and made Uncle Sam mad. He did the scorched earth number on the whole firm. Lot’s of good people who did nothing wrong lost their life savings. Well, the media found the FAA had been lax in inspections with Southwest Airlines. Do not get a bureaucrat called in for an attitude adjustment. The FAA jumped on American Airlines and gave them the" nit pick, get it perfect to the letter of the manual" program. I’m a plane crash survivor and I believe it was all B.S.  Someone had to pay for that public embarrassment. Didn’t matter if it was the wrong airline. Who cares?. Getting even is so sweet.

To make sure we kick them when they are down, the Feds announced they are going to require the airlines to implement a fingerprinting system that will cost them billions. Two untouchables in the USA today, Green and Homeland Security. Must do.  Great timing eh? Let’s put them right out of their misery.

How’s your year going?  Let’s see the value of your house is down, it costs $100 to fill your car, your 401K is down, your food costs more, utility bills are high and going higher, and the election campaign is too long. A little grouchy maybe? Wait a couple of years until you have to fly Amtrak Airlines, the only way to fly. 

By the way, there were gasoline lines on the New Jersey Turnpike today.



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Comments (4)

  1. Dave Masslich says:

    I know it’s not the main point of your post, but as it happens, I took an Amtrak train on the same day this was posted. Far from being the "poster child for how to mistreat customers", it was a wonderful trip with exceptional service. The train was on time and frankly, the price of drinks was better than what you find in most venues with a captive audience.

  2. bill robertson says:

    You are the first person I’ve know who had a good experience. If it was a short trip, that might make a difference. Hope the airline works as well.

  3. taxiguy says:

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