A Lifeline for a Drowning Country

April/10/2008 21:44PM
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Conoco/Phillips,BP plan a massive effort to save our bacon. A 3,500 mile pipeline will have a price tag of $30 billion. That’s a month for us in Iraq. When we leave Iraq we will have nothing to show for the 2 trillion dollars except a near broke country(ours), and a huge loss of good young men and women. This would bring natural gas from Alaska to Chicago. Natural gas if you haven’t noticed is getting expensive. $10 per million BTU’s. It’s not posted at the pump so look at your next gas bill. 

This pipeline would bring 4 billion cubic feet a day from the North Slope. A little would be dropped in Anchorage and some more in Canada to process the tar sands which send us crude oil. The rest would enter the US in Chicago and back down gas now coming there from other parts of the country. 

Once difference, Iraq happened and this project will not happen. This is a last ditch effort to save us from ourselves. Projections say it will take 10 years to complete the project. Rest assured, the environmental interests, national malaise, and lack of political interest will doom it. Much will be spent, little will be done.

What would this project do for us? Bring us clean energy to bridge the gap until we are forced to conserve by price. It would light our homes, power our cars, fertilize our crops, and provide jobs. It will do nothing bad to the environment. It should be JOB ONE for Washington. All three candidates should jump on the bandwagon and pledge to do it faster. To clear the way for the permits and provide loans to the contractors if need be. But, no, we are more interested in Iraq than the USA.

It’s our natural gas, it’s in Alaska, Alaska wants to do it. We have to have it. It’s going to be the best option we have when all the phoney renewable fuel dreams burst. 

We will look back on this one years from now and say, it could have saved us, but we just didn’t know. Why didn’t we know. Sadly, we are brain washed or brain dead, take your pick. Every network news show has to have a green segment. It’s a rule. It’s always a pithy story, if children are involved even better. It tells about some little effort somewhere in the country to go green. It’s cranial erosion, drip, drip, drip. Make you feel green, but be honest, are you really green? Still driving the SUV? Still leaving lights on all over the house? Still making needless trips? Still have that thermostat way up or way down in the summer? Who the hell are you kidding? You think going green is for the other guy. You have no intention of making any sacrifice if it costs anything or spoils your perfect little life. I have news for you, you are going green and it’s going to cost you plenty. Probably your job, your house. and maybe even your life. You and I need to wake our little hypocritical asses up and leave green to the jolly giant and get with this pipeline project and do it faster than 10 years. It could be done in 2 or 3 if we pushed it.  

And, if your high minded neighbor doesn’t like your not so green attitude, tell him to sell his hummer downsize to a condo and you’ll listen to his crap. 

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