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April/28/2008 1:05AM
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I left my Arizona home to return to Illinois for the summer. There are many things I will miss leaving Arizona but one big one is Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe is the Sierra Club of politics. Clean air in a cesspool of political electees today.  There is no lack of clarity when Joe speaks. There is no smog, no dirty laundry, and no "for sale signs" on Joe’s office. The liberal media is working full time to make Joe go away. They blast him day in and day out. The mayor of Phoenix is trying to get re-elected by trashing Joe. What has Joe done to make everyone so mad? He’s done his job, that’s all.

Joe doesn’t use a computer. He has a typewriter. He saves all the thousands of letters he gets and answers each one personally–doesn’t have a signature stamp. He’s been the sheriff of Maricopa Country for 16 years and will run again in November. He will be re-elected again, since he has an 80% approval rating despite all the efforts by the media to bring him down.

Joe has been arresting illegal aliens at the rate of 200-300 a day and putting them in jail for processing out of the country. It’s the law in Arizona and Joe is just enforcing it. What do the Valley religious leaders, other law enforcement officers, Hispanic groups, civil-rights leaders, and the media and Mayor of Phoenix want Joe to do? Stop enforcing the law like the rest of the country is doing. 

Joe’s response. "Everybody supports me. I’ve got thousands of letters from the public. They’re my bosses. I do what the people want me to do. I’m elected. If you’ve got politicians who don’t like what I’m doing, that’s their problem. I serve the people, I don’t serve mayors, bureaucrats, governors. I serve the people. " Wow, what a novel concept. And, you get an 80% approval rating for doing it. 

Joe says if you cross the border you committed a crime. You can get 6 months in prison. It’s a federal offense. If we lock them up they can’t send money home. It’s a hardship. They will think twice about coming back across. Most places in the US there’s no penalty. Catch them send them back and they’re back in a week. If we want to stop the flow of illegals, start enforcing the laws on the books. In my county, the fourth largest in the US by population, you come here illegally you have a very good chance of spending time in my jail. Joe’s jail is a tent. It’s hot and there is no air conditioning. You work. Out on the road picking up trash, training and caring for dogs, or on the farm growing your own food. 

Here’s my point. What if 2/3 of the elected officials in Washington had Joe’s perspective. I serve the people. Not the people who are represented by lobbyists, not the high profile people, but the real people back home. People who want our country to prosper and grow, not go backwards. People who will respect you if you do the right thing. People who will re-elect you, even if the media trash you day in and day out, because the people trust you to do the right thing. You always do. What if you answer you own mail? What if you spend enough time with the people to know what the people consider important? 

The liberal media today believes they control this country. They can put someone out of office and they can  put someone in. But, they can’t put Joe out and he doesn’t need to pander to their liberal perspective to get in. They just can’t believe it. They will never stop going after Joe at every level. He’s one of their few failures. They control most of the candidates and incumbents. Much more than we do as citizens.

Joe has an 80% approval rating and Congress has 15%. Guys, you could learn from Joe.  

By the way, go to Unstoppable Solar Cycles on google and you will get an 11 minute U-Tube presentation that gives a far different perspective on global warming than Al Gore’s preachings. Wonder what sheriff Joe thinks of Al Gore?  

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Buford Hayse Pusser, a lawman from McNairy County, Tennessee, is just like your Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in Phoenix. They are both patriots who carry out the law, despite the fact that they were not liked by the local Left Wing Media and Corrupt Politicians.

    Bufford Pusser’s life story was depicted in the movie; “Walking Tall”, where he was often found carrying a Big Stick and who took care of those who decided to break the law. His form of justice may have been viewed by some, as being too harsh, but at least with Pusser and Arpaio, you knew exactly where you stood and what to expect. It would be either a stick or a tent.

    Unfortunately, Pusser was killed in a suspicious car accident and many believed he was murdered by those who did not agree with his form of justice.

    We need more guys like Pusser and Arpaio who carry big Sticks so we can send them to Washington to crack some heads and get some attention for us Law Abiding Citizens. Maybe they can start with Gore.

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