The Answer is Blowing on the Wind

March/31/2008 18:49PM
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Of all the renewable energy options wind seemed the most secure. Except for the fat hypocrite, Teddy Kennedy, it seemed innocuous. Teddy didn’t want to despoil the landscape around the “Compound”, so no windmills on Nantucket. Of course, no pipelines, no terminals for NGL’s, no refineries. Teddy will take the state down soon. Sorry all my liberal friends in Massachusetts. 

Imagine my surprise when I read a letter to the editor in today’s local paper. Title: “Our Push for Wind Power is Killing Birds: You think I”m kidding, Google “wind farms+bats” and “wind farms+raptors”.

That completes my cycle: No oil or gas or drilling of any kind, no mining, no burning of coal, no pipelines to bring gas from Alaska, no nuclear, no solar( too much water used, too much cost), no electricity–no coal, no gas, no nuclear to produce electricity, now, no wind. We demand more produce less and expect to make this work.

Can you declare a nation certifiable? Britney Spears got checked in for a lot less. 

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  1. Ken says:

    Ted Kennedy hypocrisy exposed – oil spill vs. Cape Wind

    Nantucket Sound Wind Project in jeopardy of getting completed due to Teddy Kennedy’s effort to protect the environment in front of the Kennedy Compound in Hainesport. Interesting he is so concerned about protecting the environment and the Nantucket Sound, especially since his yacht was filmed dumping diesel fuel into the Sound from the yachts bilges.

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