Sloth Tax

March/14/2008 14:11PM
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Yesterday I took a 6 mile hike in the mountains. The wild flowers were in peak bloom. As I walked it occurred to me that by the time he’s my age, Al Gore won’t be able to drag his lard ass up a flight of stairs. His exposure to the outdoors will be like it is now, from his couch. Hence, the term sloth came to me.

Congress did a drill yesterday to forewarn you that they plan to raise all your taxes. This, in addition to the sloth tax. 

Here is the sloth tax. By doing nothing about a domestic energy policy but blow smoke over alternative energy for the past 30 years, congress created the sloth tax. Let’s do the math. Crude prices have gone up $30 a bbl in round terms in the last 6 moths. We use 20 million bbls a day. That’s $600 million dollars a day out of the pocket of all Americans who lead a normal life. In 6 months that’s $104 billion in sloth tax you’ve paid for the inactivity of your elected officials. Now, they plan to add onto the sloth tax with additional taxes.

My congressman, Peter Roskum, a freshman congressman who replaced Henry Hyde, won’t respond to my e-mails about his energy policy. He’s an arrogant sloth. Maybe he didn’t notice that a Democrat took the seat vacated by Dennis Hastert. Or, maybe he’s just sure we will always elect a Republican and doesn’t feel the need to have an energy position so he can’t respond. 

If you want to pay this ransom forever to your friends in the Sierra Club who run our country, that’s your choice. Just remember. Doing nothing is very sloth like.

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  1. Ken says:

    I also continue to get no response from my congressman concerning any of the many emails I have sent him, He must be a Sloth as well.

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