Lenin, Carter, and the Hukilai

March/27/2008 4:23AM
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Hawaii is a microcosm of the United States. They have two refineries to supply all their demand. The population and demand are growing. Imports balance the shortfall.

Taxes are high, but rarely mentioned when discussions are held about Hawaii having the highest gasoline prices in the US.

The politicians decided to take a page out of the books of Communism and Carter. Price controls, that’s the answer. We’ll make the industry sell us cheap gasoline. On September 1,2005 Governor Lingle implemented the bill that put into place Act 78, the State’s Gas Cap Law. On May 5, 2006, Governor Lingle signed a bill that suspended that law. Eight months of a combination of Jimmy Carter solutions combined with communism was enough. Believe this, they still don’t get it. They have three options. Build more refineries. No, that won’t work they don’t have any crude oil. Find crude oil, no, that won’t work, they don’t have any refineries. Three, do both. Probably no crude to be found. Hence, no ideas. Only ship people out to the mainland or stop driving.

If renewable fuel is so readily available, why hasn’t anyone in Hawaii pounced on it? The economic incentive has been there for years.

Basically, what is happening in Hawaii is coming to a corner near you soon. When all else fails Washington will try price controls again.

What happened in Hawaii? Imports stopped coming in drying up the balance gallons needed to meet demand. Refiners could sell in the Pacific Northwest at a higher margin than in Hawaii, including their transportation cost. More gallons went away.

What will happen here. Same thing. The 6 million bbls of imported gasoline we need will go away. Refiners will sell gasoline elsewhere. The whole country will be doing the same Hukilai as Hawaii and the experiment will go away. There has already been talk in Washington about price controls. From the mouths of the same people who say, "we will provide renewable fuels when the time comes, trust us."

Start teaching those grandkids to ride those bikes twenty or thirty miles a day. They will have a lifetime of it.

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  1. Ken says:

    They will have to send everyone to the mainland by boat, because most of the Airlines have cancelled most of their flights due to having to do some much needed maintenance.

    Don’t forget, when the Airlines do get their fleet back up in the air, it’s going to cost everyone an extra $25 per bag if you bring more than one bag.

    Another option would be to put yourself in a PODS box with all your belongings and send yourself by Federal Express, I’m sure they’re flying and will get you here faster than the Airlines and you’ll be delivered by 10am. The added bonus is, your family can use the tracking # to track your progress and you can be assured they won’t lose you and all your stuff…

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