Here Comes Peter Cottontail

March/23/2008 17:18PM
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Happy Easter. Five of my grandkids are here for Spring Break. The Easter Bunny came this morning. I’m guessing that 3 of the 5 still believe in the Easter Bunny. The other two go along for the ride. Why not, freebies?

It’s pretty similar in our country today. Probably 60% of the public believe in alternative energy. The other 40% may believe that believing  doesn’t cost anything. Boy are you wrong.

Nancy the Nasty is sponsoring a bill that will hasten the demise of our nation. HR 2776 puts all of our eggs in the alternative energy basket. It taxes the oil industry that is trying to find and develop fossil fuels here and then makes sure they can’t if they still wanted to,  since it puts everything off limits. Nancy then puts all that money into alternative fuels. 

Alternative fuels is the great Easter Bunny story. There is a conspiracy here that all private industry has gotten together and decided no one is to find alternative energy. Only your government, that organization that does everything so well, can fund and find alternative energy.

Here’s the end result in 5 years. We are out of fuel and no one found any alterative energy. Most of the money went to government bureaucrats and consultants hired by the government. No success. In the meantime your taxes were raised and your fuel costs put you out of work. The pig in the python finally came out the other end and it’s just dung. 

The Kingdom of Islam won and not a shot was fired. Nancy and all the Nancy’s of this world took care of it for you. You never believed in the Easter Bunny, but you just let it happen. If you want to stop this you better take a page from the NRA and get organized and tell anyone who will listen we aren’t buying the Nancy’s. Get up right now and go look in the mirror. Ask yourself, is America so smart. The rest of the world is scurrying to find ways to create electricity and natural gas, the two alternatives to crude oil. We are going to rely on people like Nancy and Al to tell us there is something just down the road and we need to go a different direction. Repeat after me: I believe Al and Nancy. And, I also, believe in the Easter Bunny. Now, look at yourself. Guess you’re not that dumb after all.

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