Froggie Went ‘A Courtin

March/07/2008 23:54PM
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There is an old story that says if you throw a frog in a pan of boiling water, it will hop out. If you put the frog in a pan and slowly heat it up the frog will stay in and die. The same is true for a culture. People in a culture begin to accept things as givens and stop questioning why. Years ago everyone who worked at IBM wore a blue button down oxford shirt. The rest of the world thought it was bizarre, but at IBM it was a way of life. Maybe this explains some things:

1. Why we aren’t in a flat out panic with oil at $105 a bbl and 40% of our daily requirements coming from OPEC

2. Why we want to give more people free health care when we don’t have enough doctors to treat those who have insurance now 

3. Why we continue to give money to everyone in the world when we are broke

4. Why we have a space program when we won’t have cars soon

5. Why we have illegal aliens and don’t care

6. Why we believe we are the solution to the world’s problems when we can’t solve our own

7. Why we buy oil from people and then feed them, why not barter oil for food

8. Why we believe we can prosper and grow without progress

9. Why we have troops all over the world

10. Why we grow the government when nothing the government does works.

11. Why we postpone problems like social security. How does it ever get fixed?

12. Why we tolerate and re-elect a congress with a 20% approval rating.

13. Why we sit in the pan of boiling water and let this country become a 3rd rate power in the world

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  1. Ken says:

    The only difference between us and the frog is they never wore a Blue button down Oxford shirt. So much for evolution….

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