Feet Of Clay

March/26/2008 3:12AM
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Our Nation seems to get more than a little satisfaction from seeing public figures like Governor Spitzer fall from grace. We make jokes about the little woman standing by his side a the initial press conference when he admits he made a mistake. Just once most of us would like a press conference where the spouse is throwing his personal effects on the lawn and getting the locks changed. When it’s a special individual who preached black and white, no gray, and cut no one any slack like Sptizer it’s even more prurient. 

So how do you think the rest of the world feels about the US. We have Pelosi telling the Chinese how to do their business. Remember the jerk in the school yard who started the fights and ran. Why is it the Peolisi’s in our country feel very comfortable stirring things up with Somolia and China, yet can still be the first to say let’s get out of Iraq now. It was our penchant for thinking it’s our job to tell every country in the world how to do their business that got us into Korea, Viet Nam, and Iraq. We just never learn.

Our foreign policies around the world have us nearly isolated. No one likes us. Even our friends, or those countries we think are our friends, don’t speak kindly about us behind our back. Most think we arrogant and stupid. And, you know what, they may be right. Who do you want on your side, Tibet or China? And shelling out money to everyone in the world, isn’t that great. Several years ago we were in St. Augustine Florida for Thanksgiving. I bought a dozen turkeys and called a local agency and got the names of needy families. At least 16 members of our family participated in the delivery of the turkeys. The consensus of the people making deliveries, most people who received the turkeys did not seem grateful. Guess what, they were embarrassed and ashamed to take charity. Isn’t that how the countries who take our largess feel about us?

Just who the hell do we think we are? Isn’t it time for us to get real? We are going in the tank here and we still see "job one" as the big brother who needs to step in and settle all disputes and give handouts for favors from countries who hate us. 

Bill Gates just came out with a plea that we need to import people from other countries with skills he needs to run his business. It isn’t enough to export all the jobs through outsourcing, now we want to import people to take care of the rest. This is the same Bill Gates who made his money here but gives it away in other countries, just like our government. Why doesn’t old Bill spend some of that money here to educate the people he put out of work through outsourcing so they can do the work he wants to bring people in from India to do?  

I’ve got a flash. All USA politicians, celebrities, and other do- gooders, stay home and spend your time and money trying to fix our growing list of problems. When we get our act back together, we can start thinking of places where our help is needed. Until then, butt out. 

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