You Pulled the Plug

February/19/2008 0:31AM
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You, meaning any adult in the US, pulled the plug on my grandchildren. They will not have enough electricity. There will be rationing and regular black outs. People will be angry and finally actions will be taken, but too late. 

Proof. Britain announced plans for new nuclear power plants. Nuclear power accounts for 20% of Britain’s power and all but one of those plants are due to close by 2023. China plans to bring on more than 20 new nuclear plants by 2020. They have 11 now. There are 100 new reactors being built, planned, or on order. None are in the US. If we started talking about a new plant or two here, it would be 5 years before the debate was resolved, 5 more before the site and permits are issued, and 10 more to build it. Too late. Lights out.

Is the rest of the world stupid or is the US missing the boat. We can’t stop the population growth, the demand for more power, or the decline in capacity at current plants. We think this supply will come from Washington, God, the environmental zealots, Al Gore, or Hollywood. I got news for you, it’s not coming and we have already passed the deadline to fix it.

To quote Garfield in the cartoons: We are running out of gas. Why, no one checked the dipstick. The reason is geographical. The oil is located in Alaska, California, Coastal Florida, Costal Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Our dipsticks are located in Washington DC, Any questions? No? I didn’t think so.

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