Watch Out for the Banana Peel

February/10/2008 23:55PM
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The outcome of this election may decided the fate of your future health care. You may want to go to a web site:  to see how the health care system works in Canada. This is the model some candidates are using for our future. Free always looks good until you need something. Usually, you have to get in line to get free. There will be a host of new people in that line, many of them not citizens. It might not be a problem to wait in line unless you have a condition that needs treatment or you die.

As I see it, the Canadian system takes all the options away. The same person who will buy a new car will not spend any money for health care. We have the belief that all health care should be covered by insurance. But, pushed to the brink, you might decide to go out of pocket if you or a close family member is going to die waiting in line. You don’t have that option in Canada. Unless you come to the USA. Then, you are out of pocket.

You had best examine what each candidate has in mind for solving the health care problem in this country. I met a man this week who moved to Albuquerque NM because his health care insurance for he and his wife was $30,000 per year and in NM the state pays part of it reducing his cost to only $1,800 per month. He will be on Medicare in two years. On the surface he might embrace some of the one pay systems being proposed by candidates. But, if he had to wait in line for treatment for 4 months, he might not think it’s good.

Free may have a banana peel. If you step on it, you may not get treated like you want. 

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  1. Ken says:

    I was diagnosed on February 17-07 with Stage 4 Glioma brain cancer and had surgery 2 days later. I also was promptly urged to undergo agressive radiation and Chemo therapy, but was told that most patients with this type of cancer seldom survive. It has now been almost a year next week since I was diagnosed and I am glad to say that I am in remission and considered as being cancer free. I suspect if I were living in Canada and waiting for free health care, I would be a dead man and not responding to this blog. People need to wake up and realize we have the best health care in the world and is the reason everyone who needs immediate care figure out a way to pay for and come to the US to get the treatment they need and desire. I want to make my own choices and I’m willing to pay for it. I don’t want Hillary or Oboma to make those choices for me and my family.

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