Snooze Alarm

February/26/2008 1:55AM
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I have made the preposterous assertion that we may have $200 crude in the near future. In previous entries I’ve set out to establish a foundation for this catastrophic thought. It’s simple supply and demand. The middle class in China and India is growing much faster than the world is finding new fossil fuels. Oil, gas, coal, and nuclear are the only viable sources for the foreseeable future. Sure we hear about fusion, hydrogen, solar, wind, and geothermal. Tar sands are working. Bio fuels work, but the trade offs to the environment may be worse. Plus the effect on world food supply makes this inhumane. Any sound alternative, including oil may have a long time frame to tap. 

The world is consuming finite resources faster than we can find new ones. The Wall Street Journal had a headline today’s date: Is Exxon Mobil Going Dry? It makes a case that Exxon will run out of crude reserves in 14 years. This is not due to lack of capital or talented people. It’s due to two things. Resource nationalism. More and more countries, like Russia, are not letting companies outside Russia get involved. Second, outside the hostile areas where they are welcome, Exxon, with the brightest people and best technology, are not finding new reserves. Remember, Exxon is an International company and those 14 years of reserves are not earmarked for the USA.

We have already slept through the alarm in the U.S. What we hear now is the snooze alarm. Group Think will destroy this fine country. If my generation doesn’t step back up to the plate and start making noise, our sons and daughters are too busy with their lives to get involved. Plus, we never being activists, did not teach our children how to make noise. Maybe it’s time for our version of the million person march. Those of us who believe we are on the brink of energy disaster need to muster forces and force our sleeping law makers to hear the snooze alarm. 

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