Lottery Winners

February/16/2008 2:24AM
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If you read the history of big lottery winners they don’t do well with all that money. It occurs to me that our country is behaving like a big lottery winner. We are trying to buy friends all over the world. We believe we are the richest nation on earth, so that makes us responsible for everything that happens in the world. We are using up our national resources at a rapid rate. Didn’t this play a big part in making us rich? We are producing less and less and buying more and more. Didn’t our industrial power make us the envy of the world? What’s next? Intellectual capital. People from all over the world came to our universities to be educated and return home or stay here and make their fortune. That’s dropping off every year. Places like India now have universities that are held in higher regard. 

We spend more than our income level allows. That’s OK because foreign countries are investing here. At some point don’t they own us? Hillary Clinton says she will take on big oil if she is elected. Sounds good, but big oil today is all International. Basically, they can and will sell their crude elsewhere if it behoves them to do so. Where is the leverage?

Most of us have not pondered what happened to Europe. They used to own the world. The new kid grew up and took over. What did they do wrong? History says they went down the same path we are going down. Big egos, big spending, spread out too much, too much to manage, too many irons in the fire, taking on too much, producing less and importing more, etc.

Sound familiar? Who is the new kid? China? Maybe not in our lifetimes, but certainly in the lifetimes of our grandchildren.

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