Free the Lemmings

February/09/2008 2:48AM
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Before you go off the cliff with your extended family and die you should at least know who’s taking you there. There is a hard core group of over zealous environmentalists who have substituted religion for the environmental movement. They have money and extreme clout in Washington. For less than 1% of the population they may control 90% of the decisions that are made over these issues. They got DDT outlawed when they knew there was no real danger. How many third world people starved due to that decision? They perpetrated the asbestos scare. Second hand smoke, maybe, maybe not. They work on guilt. If you don’t buy into their religion you are a bad person. Now the big cause is global warming. Who wants to kill polar bears? Probably only 10% who practice this religion are willing to live in a tent and not have any carbon footprint. Probably 80% are in the top 10% of carbon footprint extreme users.

They sold you ethanol. Now science is telling you there is more greenhouse gas exposure from biofuels than carbon based fuels. And it’s a net energy loser. And it’s an economic loser. Now, why are you buying ethanol and paying with your tax dollars to make it work? These folks who are making us into lemmings are not apologists. When the truth is finally out on issues like DDT and asbestos do they say "gee we sold you a bum deal and people died and we are sorry and learned something from it" No. They are on to the next project.

A study in AZ advised the state will need to double electrical power in 20 years to meet demand. How? One third is to come from conservation. Can you cut your electrical usage a third? I could but I won’t. It means selling a second house.  Another third is to come from renewable fuels. That was mostly biofuels. Bad timing, the same paper had the news about greenhouse gases from biofuels. The last third was to come from new plants. Is that going to happen? Not is today’s world. So, in 10 years AZ will be 50% short on electrical power. That will send a few off the cliff. 

If you don’t want to see the standard of living go dramatically south in this country you need to find a way to make your voice heard over the zealots who practice the religion of environmentalism.  Their control over Washington has to be brought to a reasonable level. We need to demand good science. We need fair and balanced ideas about energy. If we don’t we’re going off the cliff.

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  1. Ken says:

    You are right on Bill, the invironmentalist are basically using scare tacktics to try and get people to go back into the stone age, which is not going to happen. I have watched many of the dooms day documentories about what is going to happen if the temperature on the globe rises by 6 degrees. If this happens, the world as we know it, will change dramatically. Although I believe we need to do a better job at managing and reducing renuable engergy, but I am not sure we truly have much control over how the earth will change regardless of what we do to change our lifestiles. I’m sure we have some impact on the earth, but not sure it is as large as some will have us believe. If global worming is happening, it is not in Chicago right now because it is currently zero degrees and I am freezing my ass off, so it must be much hotter someplace else. It was cold in AZ when I was there and I would not mind a little global worming, because Winter’s suck…..

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