Debate Season

February/28/2008 2:30AM
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We’ve been watching the political debates for what seems months already. Remember, the best line ever from the TV debates. Lloyd Bentsen and Dan Quayle. Bentsen says to Quayle, ” I served with John Kennedy, I know John Kennedy, John Kennedy was a friend of mine, Sir, you are no John Kennedy”. 

I believe that applies to the over zealous environmentalists. My nephew is an environmentalist. He’s world-class rock climber. He eschews worldly possessions. He broke up with a long-time girl friend because she bought a TV in Taiwan ,where he lives, while he was state side climbing in Yosemite. He’s pretty much a vegetarian. He could live outside 365 days a year. His carbon footprint is virtually nil except for an occasional flight back to the US. He probably has 5% or less body fat, since he’s so active. His name is Matt.

Al Gore professes to be an environmentalist. He’s a fat ass. He probably hasn’t slept outside since boy scouts. His carbon footprint has to rank in the top 2% in the world. He’s probably eaten more cows in his lifetime than the average bear. He is more ill equipped to live in the world he is creating for my grandchildren than 98% of the population. If I were to debate Al Gore, I would take a page from Senator Bentsen. and say: “I know an environmentalist, his name is Matt. I’ve know him all his life, I’ve watched him grow to love the outdoors, I believe he could have existed 300 years ago and loved it. Mr. Gore, you are no Matt.You are a Jimmy Swaggert. A sinner who preaches to the masses and rolls with the street-walkers. A hypocrite of the worst kind. A snake oil salesman who does everything for self aggrandisement. I can only hope your Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize are reminders to all of us of the statues on Easter Island.”  

Remember your history. The people of Easter Island built the statues to honor their leaders. They had to cut down trees to make rope to drag the things around. Eventually, the trees that provided their food were all felled and the civilization and all the people died. We are destroying the quality of future life in this country to build monuments to the likes of Al Gore. 

Enough, enough, enough. Don’t be like the Easter Islanders and kill us all off for the fat man.

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