Cloistered Children

February/11/2008 23:04PM
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In three short generations children in the US have lost the option and will to play outside. My father spent his whole childhood outside growing up on a farm. That carried over into his adult life. He was a contractor and spent the majority of his time outdoors. His only hobbies were hunting and fishing. When I was 4 my mother had me ride my bike to our downtown area to deliver checks for bills. In the summer I spent many days never coming home until the street lights came on. My children spent less time outside, but still we felt safe letting them roam the neighborhood and create their own entertainment. When the weather was good they were never in the house.

My grandchildren are rarely outside except for organized activities. Statistics show today’s kids in this country spend very little time outside the house. When they are outside, they are in their own yard.  Outdoor activities are replaced by digital entertainment. An adult watches children while they wait for the bus. My kids walked to school. What does this mean for the future?

Will we continue to grow perverts faster than the law can control? Will bankrupt family values create greater threats to the safety of our kids? Will my grandkids not know the joys of hiking, camping, fishing, and enjoying nature? Why protect the environment since the lack of law and order won’t alloy kids to enjoy it?

Why did this happen? I first point my finger to the ACLU. They work harder to protect the perverts than the law does to arrest them. Next come the judges. They are too soft. Too many slaps on the wrist. Next, we seem to have money to police foreign nations but no money for new jails. Family values come next. What type of home spawns child molesters and worse child killers. Why can’t we restore our country to the type of land where we can turn our kids out again? Why did we let Castro dump his prisons at our doorstep? Why didn’t we ship their sorry asses back to Fidel with a few or our own. Lethargy.  We just resign ourselves to this. Why? This isn’t even mentioned in Senator Obama’s change plans. Why can’t we be tough on crime here? Why should my children live in fear that something bad will happen to their kids if they are out of their sight?

This is a big symptom of how sick this nation is. Where does the cure come from?

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  1. Joe Beatty says:

    I would like to be dictator for 48 hours and this situation could be changed. I would change the constitution two ways. 1.Only 30% of the judges can be trained attorneys. 2.No attorney can serve as an elected legislator in any legislative body.

    The entire legal system is a conflict of interest. Too many legislators are attorneys which right and pass laws like attorneys, not the way the people would write them. In past times many judges were not lawyers, they were local farmers, business men, clergy, educators.

    Is there more justice and common sense then or now.

    A third commandment while I am the 48 hour dictator, bring back the stocks on the courthouse lawn. If a person is convicted of theft, DUI, etc. Bind his head and arms for a few hours on the courthouse lawn so everyone know he was a bad boy (or girl).

    A little positive peer pressure early in the deviants life may keep them on the path of a responsible citizen.

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