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February/29/2008 20:21PM
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Somebody told President Bush that we need new refineries in this country. Since we have built none in 50 years and closed 100 in that time, that’s a breakthrough. In that same time frame our demand for refined products keeps going up, up, up. Efforts at conservation have been nil. We are like pigs at the trough growing to hogs that will soon be loaded in the truck. We are now becoming very dependent on finished products as well as crude oil.

As a patriot, I will help my president write the business opportunity ad to get investors to jump on his idea to build refineries on military bases.

BUSINESS Opportunity:

The US Government has recognized that no one wants a refinery anywhere in this country. To attract investors the Government will lease you space on a military base. That eliminates the need to search for a site to build your refinery. Since the US needs refineries so badly, the Government will enter into a 99 year lease for $1 per year.

As an investor you will need to secure all the necessary permits which may require as many as 10 years. The last effort to build a refinery was in Arizona, which desperately needs one, and they gave up because they could not get all the permits. Once you secure the permits you will need to build a pipeline to the nearest source of crude oil. You will require permits to build this pipeline and that may take up to 5 years. We can only guess at the cost to build a state of the art refinery in the US, since we haven’t built one for 50 years. Our guess, 25-50 billion dollars. That excludes the pipeline. Once you get the pipeline permit and start construction on both projects, you could expect some demonstrations. At this point the staunch environmentalists jump in and try to stop the project. You will get lots of media exposure. 

One caveat. The US Government will not assure you a source of crude supply for said refinery. As it looks right now, most future sources of secure crude are questionable. While you are building your refinery the US Government will be subsidizing alternative energy sources. At the same time the Government will be increasing taxes on traditional energy producers. This could make you non competitive. We would be very sorry if you were to go through all this and find that to be the case. We aren’t telling you this is risk free, we are only providing the site. 

We are expecting lots of interest in this exciting project, so get your proposal in early. 

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