Hillary Clinton or David Petraeus

January/30/2008 17:28PM
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Turning our country around is a bigger job than fixing Rumsfield’s problems in Iraq. We used a career politician in Rumsfield to resolve Iraq. I know he ran a couple of companies, but he got the jobs because of his political clout, not track record. How did that work out? Then we put the Gates/Petraeus team in there. Gates is one tough hombre who takes no prisoners. Straight talking guy. He lets Petraeus run his show.

Here’s the question. Could Hillary have fixed Iraq? I know how I think that would have gone. If Hillary could not have fixed Iraq, why do we think she can fix the whole mess in Washington? Speaking of Washington, he was our first president wasn’t he? General Washington. Lot’s of generals have followed. When did we get off that kick? Eisenhower I guess. Let’s be fair and look at all the candidates: Obama, fix Iraq, don’t think so. Edwards is gone, but he would have sued the Iraqis. Romney probably not. Huckelby would be preaching to the choir. Paul he would have pulled us out. That brings me to Mc Cain. In his day, no doubt. Today, maybe too much to ask a 71 year old to do.

The question begs the question: Why not someone like David Petraeus now? Do we need him more in Washington now than Bagdad? I think we do. Is it going to happen, no. Why not? I have no idea. He might not take the job. But how do we ask him? Guess enough of us don’t think we need him or that he might be the most qualified to do the job. He would probably sack half of establishment the first month.

If the best man available is not available should we not still select our president by asking if he or she could have done the job that the general has done in Iraq as a qualifier for the bigger job. That turnaround is the best leadership job I have witnessed in many years. I will measure all candidates against that performance and pick my second choice if my first is not available. That’s my screening process and I’m sticking to it. 

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  1. Joe Beatty says:

    The General met Chelsea Clinton recently. She asked if he was afraid of anything?
    The General responded: Onlt three things:

    Yo Mama

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