Worse Than a Liar

May/20/2013 5:06AM
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If what President Obama tells us is true, believe at your own risk, then he’s totally uninvolved in running the country. As he would say, that’s below my pay grade. Here’s what he would have us believe is his leadership style.

Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod make all the key decisions. They cover up Benghazi or instruct others to do so. They tell the IRS to harass conservatives. They tell Eric Holder to wire tap the API. They tell Kathleen Sibelius to put the arm on insurance companies to donate to ObamaCare to fund that which Congress refuses to do. Just slightly illegal. When Val and Dave are done with the big stuff, they tell Barack what to do for the next week. They hand him a script for a speech. They coach him for a press conference. They arrange his Saturday golf game and find people willing to spend four hours with him.

So far this has worked very well. They got him elected twice. They created a squeaky clean image for the administration. They kept the press eating out of their hands. All the while they executed Chicago politics under the radar. All of a sudden the stealth stuff showed up. Just a blip at first. A few lies about a little anti-Muslim video that worked. Helped with that second election. So did punishing those who gave to the Romney campaign using the IRS as the instrument of torture. Getting a little inside information about what the API thought of the president with wire taps was a hell of a lot smarter than breaking into the Republican Headquarters. ObamaCare was going to be in trouble due to health care costs going up like a rocket. No problem, take a page from Mayor Daley’s book in Chicago, when the City was in budget crisis sell the parking meters to a third party  for a billion. When it gets too expensive to park in Chicago because the third party is gouging the parkers, you are gone and Rahm Emanuel is left to deal with the problem.

But, this blip, that little blip about that video keeps getting attention. Now President Obama, who never pays attention to anything, is getting upset about this problem. He keeps demanding them to make this go away. Then the IRS issue hits. Jay Carney is threatening to quit, complaining he has run out of lies to tell the press corps. When the API problem hits, it’s full-blown crisis time.

Obama is telling the media he learns about all of this on TV, which is true. That creates another problem. The media and the public are catching on the real role Obama plays in this little drama. He’s just an actor reading his lines. Much like Martin Sheen did in the West Wing. We’ve all experienced bosses like this. Teflon guys who never got anything on them because they never did anything.  But, a pile can’t slide off Teflon, it eventually covers it completely.

Which version of the mess do you believe? Is Obama up to his big ears in all of this and simply lying like a rug? Or, is he an actor who never does anything but read lines written for him by others and is totally clueless about everything? Remember, this is a man who no one remembers in undergraduate school. He’s capable of being invisible when he chooses. He seems capable of doing no work in any job and keeping that job. We’ve all seen mangers like this. They say they delegate, but we see them as disinterested in everything except keeping their noses clean and getting promoted. It’s a full-time job for them to suck up to those who control their destiny and watching for anything that might derail their careers.

It would be really scary to know that Obama may have told us no lies. That he simply doesn’t know what’s going on.

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