Life is not Fair

May/17/2009 9:03AM
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America seems to be morphing into a country where fairness and unfairness is warped.

If you are a UAW worker, your government will spend thousands of dollars to keep your job viable. If you are a mechanic working for a Chrysler or GM dealer, making much less than a UAW worker, your government will dump your job in favor of the UAW worker.

If you are a dedicated CIA worker who worked tirelessly to keep us from having another terrorist attack on our shores, you are a potential criminal and, for sure, an employee of an organization that thinks nothing of lying to congress. If you are a terrorist dedicated to killing as many Americans as possible and remain at Gitmo, you are a victim of abuse by the American government. You should be released or given a trial with an attorney paid for with tax dollars and released to kill more Americans.

If you were an Employee of Lehman Bros., you were unemployed in 2008. If you held the same job at AIG, you got to keep your job and get your bonus.

If you lived in your house for 30 years and paid off your mortgage and drive a new car, you get to help your neighbor on the left pay his mortgage. He couldn’t afford the house and still can’t afford it, but you will help keep him there with your tax dollars until everyone finally realizes that it won’t work. Now, you will get to help your neighbor across the street buy a new car. He has a 10 year old clunker, and you get to help give him $4,500 to buy a new car that get better mileage.

If you have given to charity for years and take the tax deduction for your generosity, you will be penalized for that. You will get less deduction so someone who pays no taxes can get a rebate.

If you and your family have health insurance through work, you will have to pay lots more for your insurance so an illegal alien can get free health insurance. Also, since you are 61, you will go to the back of the line when you need treatment. Just too many people need treatment with universal health insurance, and we treat the young first, just like organ transplants. Also, that new breakthrough drug for diabetes, forget it. The drug company dropped all R&D on new drugs when universal health care was approved.

We’re really sorry your utility bill and your gasoline prices doubled in the past year. But, with cap and trade we have to offset what China is doing to the environment. We did mislead you a little on what the economic impact would be with cap and trade, but we’re sorry. It does give up a bigger pile of money to pass around to the people who really need it, like the UAW, ACORN, and tax rebate recipients who vote for us.

We are sorry your 401K is down another 25% and your home value dropped another 25%, we just didn’t realize that doing all this so fast could have such a negative impact on the economy. It looked like we were turning the corner in early 2009, but all that spending to turn it around got offset by things. Seems like the crude oil price went up to $200 so fast when the global economy picked up. Our great new green energy projects just didn’t kick in as fast as we hoped. Then when the cap and trade drove up energy costs so much faster, we had to keep it in because we need those billions we were collecting from you to spend on the needy. Then you stopped buying again and started saving. Or, stated paying so much more for health care, energy, and taxes, maybe. Don’t despair, we’ll get it fixed.

As you are coping with all this adversity, just remember “life is not fair”. We in Washington are doing everything we can every day to look for new opportunities to remind you of this. We will level the playing field as best we can and if the grader keeps scraping over you, just remember it is taking what we scrape from you to someone else, someone who voted for us and will always vote for us, since we give them your scrapings and keep them loyal. You can either wake up and smell the coffee and quit trying so hard and get on the dole, or keep trying to get one of your pathetic Republicans elected. Good luck. We get more and more people like you giving up and getting on the bandwagon learning how to live well on some one’s scrapings they get from us.

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