Democrats Abandon Poor/ Working Class

August/04/2008 14:44PM
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As a retired marketing executive I know you can’t appeal to two segments of the market with the same product offering.  Example, Sears decided to go upscale years ago. When Bubba came in on Saturday to buy tools, he found Grace looking at upscale items they couldn’t afford. Jewelry, furs, and pianos. He bought his tools elsewhere.

The Democrats are in the same mess as Sears. They have always said they were the party for the working man, the union man, and the poor. There was always somewhat of a disconnect with that. How can people as rich as Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, John Edwards, and Nancy Pelosi be tuned in to the working class and the poor? Nevertheless, that was the brand. They worked that segment and worked it well.

But in the last 10-15 years something basic has changed. They want to be the party of the environmentalists. That’s like oil and water. The bind is hitting, and the Republicans are too stupid to see it. Nancy Pelosi is for the planet. If it puts 20,000,000 Americans out of work, too bad. If it makes everyone poorer, too bad. They have changed the brand and neither the loyal working and poor Democrats get it, nor do the Republicans, not yet.  They haven’t made the translation from the do nothing party on energy and the impact of that on jobs and personal economic pain.  

Some laid off employees from the airlines and auto industry are starting to get it. High priced gasoline and jet fuel put them out of work. Most were union employees. When will the unions get it?

It’s time to tell the working people and poor people in this country the truth. If we don’t fix our broken energy problem, more and more of you will be out of work and the rest will get poorer and poorer. Couple this with the hostile climate the Democrats have toward business, big and small, and you have an all out effort to put the screws to the very people the Democratic Party says they support. You’ve been sold out by your party. They are off to bigger things with the rabid environmentalists and you are sold down the river. Too bad. 

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    If you can’t market to the same market group with the same offering, then Obama should be dead in the water. His offer is to try and appeal to everyone with the same message and obviously, that is not going to work. His biggest customers who pay all of the taxes are going to go to his competitor, who is promising to drill for oil and not raise taxes on American business and those of us who have lots of money in our savings and 401k accounts. Lucky for us he’s not smart enough to realize that.

    When it’s all said and done, His political Business will fail with the American public and ultimately his party, who will drop him like he has dropped all of his past supporters and radical acquaintances.

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