December/12/2021 11:47AM
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Common sense 101 Hate cops =more crime Record government spending=record inflation CA port congestion=supply chain problems Hate fossil fuels=high gas prices Virtual learning = little learning Pay not to work= unfilled jobs borders=opium epidemic Elect Biden=all of the above Share

October/01/2015 5:28AM
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What is the collective level for incompetence in government? Does it matter if you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Libertarian, there must be a limit? All of my life there have been those who spoke out about government waste. There was  Senator William Proxmire from Wisconsin and his Golden Fleece Awards. He introduced these in Read the full article…

September/27/2013 5:35AM
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This is a short list of requirements we must keep doing in this country. 1. Borrowing money to meet our spending requirements. Just as a junkie must steal to support a habit, we must steal from our grandkids to support our spending. If a politician votes to stop or lower spending we fire him or her. Read the full article…