April/22/2022 12:28PM
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Netflix stock is tanking. I can offer a suggestion. The Obama’s have forced excessive diversity on the company. Perhaps other ethnicities choose not to watch 80% of their black oriented entertainment. Does prove the Obama’s can screw up a one-car funeral. Share

November/01/2021 9:43AM
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As the US media attempts to herald the G-20 a huge success the absence of Russia and China there will be a mere footnote. See Putin and Xi are building their economy and military while the other G-20 members celebrate the return of the US checkbook. Other countries can confirm the stupidity of US leaders Read the full article…

October/22/2021 9:47AM
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Biden is forcing the issue with the military. Get vaccinated or leave. You need to take a position . Support Biden or support the dedicated men and women who must make a choice. You’ve heard Biden’s position. Now, here are some from the military: Share