Lying in Politics

June/12/2022 10:08AM
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It’s campaign season and the toxic ads are back. One politician can say anything about another without providing once scintilla of evidence. Like the one-sided witch hunt run like a telethon on the January 6 breach of the Capitol.

If I wanted to make a claim about a product in a TV commercial I had to provide the FTC scientific proof supporting that claim.

Every day we watch President Biden defend his dismay performance with blatant lies. The numbers of those he has blamed for his high gas prices are stacking like cordwood. He declares war on hydrocarbons and the next day denies it.

I spent a career where performance was based on quantitative results and there was no hiding from failures. You paid a price for failure.

There was no media to hide failures or support the person failing lying about the performance. As Biden speaks from the port in LA and blames Exxon for gas prices he is mandating more ethanol in gasoline which will raise gas prices. How? Ethanol is more expensive than gasoline. If you add more expensive product you add cost. But who calls him out on this? No one.

The price this country is paying for accepting lies from politicians is mounting. The lack of truthful judgment of performance by a biased media makes it work.

Newspapers are now making their candidate endorsements for the coming elections. Why would anyone care what newspapers endorse? People who make decisions from this must be the audience for The View.

It’s like watching a NBA game with no referees. Politicians in Bell, CA. We’re paying each other a million dollars a year. How did they get away with that. There was no newspaper in Bell. No referee.

we have no referees in this country and. Identify can fail and destroy the future of this country and the media ignore the lies or support them

Someone needs to stop the lying and make politicians answer for their performance.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    I like the COVID vaccine is “free” lie.

    According to CMS, they value the vaccine at $35 and $40 to administer it, or $75 total.

    Johns Hopkins website as of 6/18/2022 says 589,671,384 doses of vaccine have been administered so far in the US.

    So that free shot is costing “Not me” $44.225 BILLION so far.

    That’s some whopper

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