Biden’s War on Guns

June/04/2022 13:23PM
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The Uvalde tragedy gave Biden a new platform for attacking guns. He has two platforms period, gun control and climate change with the New Green Deal.
Typically, his main argument for new gun restrictions was a lie. He said the previous laws restricting assault weapons reduced gun violence. Justice department study said there was no change.
While he continues to blame Russia for gas prices he quietly increases the ethanol mandate requirements assuring higher gasoline prices even as he drains the strategic petroleum reserve .
Just think about this. Chicago has strict gun laws. Chicago has record shootings and gun deaths every year. This is more scientific than Fauci’s mask mandate. Also, the money we have sent to Ukraine would provide $400,000 to every school in this country to add security for our kids. And there are roughly 4 million guns in the hands of US citizens. How hard is it for a deranged person to buy or steal one of those?

So gun restrictions won’t work but Biden is hoping he can offset the damage he has done as President using it before the mid term elections.

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