The Biden litany of Destruction

May/22/2022 9:28AM
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President Biden is meeting with President Yoon of South Korea. By now Yoon has Biden’s wallet, an extra few billion in foreign aid, and full knowledge of the mental midget who is the leader of the free world.

What’s Biden’s next gift to America? He has created run away inflation, destroyed the stock market, screwed the pooch in Afghanistan, created total chaos at the border, surrounded himself with imbeciles in the name of diversity, supported runaway crime in the name of BLM, and made the pandemic worse.

What’s next Joe? Bank failures leading to the Great Depression II, WW III, blackouts that don’t roll but stay for weeks, or just a civil war. There is no limit on your ability to make things worse. No baby formula in stores. The problem was evident in February but you let it slide until it reached catastrophic proportions. Your response “we aren’t mind readers.”

Your approval ratings keep dropping. Pundits say the November elections will be a disaster for Democrats. Probably true.

But McConnell and McCarthy will still be there doing nothing but supporting $40 billion to Ukraine. The media will hide Biden’s lies and near zero cognitive ability. Hope may be on the way but it’s not coming this November.

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