Biden’s New Term “Ultra MAGA”

May/16/2022 23:13PM
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Biden has been reading the term “ultra MAGA” from his teleprompter to describe anyone not supporting his disaster.

Jen Psaki was asked if Biden coined this term. Her answer was “yes he came up with it.”

Do you enjoy the obfuscation the Biden Administration and the President try to sell on a daily basis?

A leaker in the administration spoke the truth. The administration conducted focus group exercises for six months to come up with this catchy term.

Seems to me the term favors Trump. I’m sure he will capitalize on it and turn it to his advantage.

The issue remains the Press Secretary can look into the camera and lie to the American public.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Heard the other day RCN is changing it’s name, a tried and true strategy in business when the name association becomes too toxic, try to fool the public with a different name.

    So, I’m thinking the Biden presidency could benefit from a similar strategy. I suggest Biden change his name to “Boxfullofpuppies”, who wouldn’t get warm feelings for President Boxfullofpuppies???

    Maybe they could have a six month focus group exercise to come up with a new name.

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