Biden is a Joke and no one is Laughing

May/02/2022 12:28PM
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It’s as if the media thinks 100% of the public is naive and will believe what they produce. The truth is harsh. Very few Americans are unaware of the President’s cognitive deficiency. And most see the deterioration. Worse yet, few think it is appropriate for the media to work to hide the issue. In addition the public questions who is pulling the puppet’s strings.

Last Father’s Day my daughter gave me a gift. Not sure it was a gift since I receive a question every Monday and then respond with my answer. At the end of the year those 52 responses become a bound book. If I don’t like the question I can go to a list and pick a replacement.

Today’s question was “What is your favorite joke?” I have lot’s of jokes I’ve heard over the years and many I enjoy retelling. Most are inappropriate for this task. But as I pondered this question I came up with a five letter response and a picture which I will now share.


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