Newly Minted Republican-Joe Biden

March/03/2022 14:54PM
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The man who’s entire life is a fabrication of his fantasies has now become a Republican. As his approval rating drops below 40% desperation set in. Even a man of marginal intelligence bordering on Alzheimer’s institution can see the train wreck mid term elections coming. What does he do? What he has done for fifty years. Lie to the voters about who he is, what his positions are, and his future plans.

Will the public buy your conversion to the Donald Trump of 2022? The public seems to be vulnerable to Biden lies sanitized by the media and sold to devout Democrats who watch CNN.

So the new platform is a lot like the late son Beau who Joe would have you believe died as a war casualty. Not true but repeated in every key speech as truth. He will erase everything the Democrat, Joe Biden did, and replace it with the new Republican Joe Biden’s platform.

The ability of politicians to molt their reptile skin like snakes and have no one recognize the snake amazes me.

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