Biden’s High Gasoline Prices

March/14/2022 22:18PM
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New record for me. Never is my life have I seen a dollar number like this on a pump for an automobile. One that wasn’t on empty. In Scottsdale, Arizona, not California.

And, yes, I put the sticker on the pump.

Biden and his propaganda machine are desperately trying to blame this somewhere other than on Biden himself, where the blame belongs. First the Pandemic, then Russia, and now the oil companies.

The oil companies have been the easy targets for 40 years. Hold Congressional hearings, beat the oil CEO’s up with canned questions with no wrongdoing found ever.

The oil companies are your friend. The government your enemy when it comes to gasoline prices.

The oil companies developed the fracking technology that produced so much gas and oil that the US became an exporter. The government did not subsidize that technology with the first dime. The fracking occurred mostly on private lands since your government hates fracking and politicians have tried to stop it at every turn. Many states with huge deposits of oil and gas prohibit fracking. The government blew billions chasing fools gold on ideas like algae, fusion, etc.

The bottom line is this. Biden wants $15 gasoline just as he wants a $15 minimum wage. The idea that electric cars solve everything is fools gold. The incompetent politicians will push electric cars beyond power generation’s capacity to produce the incremental power.

The result will be a calamity. Brownouts as far as the eye can see. Stay tuned.

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