Biden Will Cure Cancer and End Auto Collision Deaths Completely

February/04/2022 0:29AM
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The most incompetent President in my lifetime is making big promises.

WASHINGTON — President Biden has been pledging to “cure” cancer for the past six years, beginning with his moonshot effort as vice president. He re-upped that pledge on the campaign trail, too, vowing again: “If I’m elected, we’re going to cure cancer.”

Once thought quixotic, the goal of zero traffic deaths — already being pursued in dozens of early-adopting Vision Zero communities in the United States — was embraced today at the national level with the release of a groundbreaking report setting a goal to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2050.

Isn’t it thrilling to see a hack politician who is failing in present time try to sell bold promises with lengthily time lines.

This is nothing new for Biden:

In 1987, Biden Predicted “A Catastrophe Of Biblical Proportions For The Entire World” From Global Warming “In The Next Few Years”

The bull shitter in chief. Probably flunked high school physics.

So 35 years after Biden predicted total chaos from climate change it hasn’t happened.

Does this really let an incompetent fool off the hook for failing the American people in every respect?

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