Canadian Freedom Convoy Gets a US Media Blackout

January/31/2022 23:03PM
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Thousands of truckers across Canada have converged on Ottawa with their rigs. They are protesting vaccine mandates. Prime Minister Trudeau has gone into hiding. While in seclusion in a secret location he announces he has COVID. How ironic he becomes the cowardly poster boy for vaccine mandates that don’t work.

Why do the media in the US have a blackout on this massive protest?

It’s the worst case threat to the media in America. The people of Canada have had enough of elitist tyranny. Soft dictators like Trudeau can’t face the multitude who deny him. The media in Canada created Trudeau just like the media in the US created Biden and support him stomping on the freedoms and rights of Americans.

This is a greater threat to the media than Trump should the same protests break out here. A successful protest to regain the people’s independence from the elitists that are stripping them means the media must stop selling the poison. Their power reverts to journalism not propaganda.

Watch as the news in Canada is withheld from Americans.

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