Biden’s Bad Week

January/23/2022 23:38PM
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This country is fed up with COVID ,the eradication of which, got Biden elected. The one trick pony houseplant we have as President still has one solution- everyone vaccinated. Sending everyone 4 test kits that seldom work is his next big idea.

His two hour press conference was a joke.

Meanwhile the UK has dropped all the COVID mandatories.

Science is processing the data learned since the COVID was called Coronavirus. Guess what? Masks don’t work. Natural immunity is far more powerful than 3 vaccinations. Social distancing-forget it. In summary, everything we have been forced to do by the politicians is wrong.

If Biden wants to regain points on this 38% approval rating- fire Fauci. Voters see him as the Bernie Madoff of the Pandemic. He has done more unnecessary damage to our youth, the economy, the health care system, and fabric of this country than anyone in our history.

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