The USA is an Angry Nation

December/17/2021 9:33AM
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The people of America have had enough. Enough of Dr. Fauci spouting off about whether we can have a family Christmas. His Napoleon imitation is more than most freedom loving patriots can tolerate.

Enough of inflation and high gasoline prices. More than enough of Jen Psaki telling us COVID is causing the inflation.

Enough of Biden’s open borders and Kamala laughing about it. We know you are importing voters to offset the 100,000 you killed this year with the fentanyl that came across that border. More deaths than car fatalities and gun deaths combined.

Enough of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea seeing us as a door mat due to the empty suit President.

Enough of crime in Democrat run cities where justice is blind to minority crime.

Enough of the COVID scare tactics taking 50% of the news. With the one-trick pony “get vaccinated” Biden speech. When 75% of those with COVID have been fully vaccinated. Mask mandates that don’t work. Forcing kids who don’t get sick with COVID to take the jab.

Enough of the government spending that causes people to quit working and fuels the inflation.

Enough of the media covering for Biden who is so deep into dementia he resembles Uncke Fred wandering around the Alzheimer’s home.

Enough of pretending that Biden is not responsible for all of the above and that there is only one solution. Give the Republicans the majority in Congress with the mid-term elections and lame duck Biden until he can’t remember his name(six months) then shut Harris down for the remaining two years.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Time to start watching 1976’s “Network” over and over.

    I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore ….

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